Taking a sec to count my blessings because my body is exhausted, but my heart is SO FULL ❤️❤️❤️
  1. Last Sunday
    Hilarious tiny children in church, then got to meet @mallofamanda and hang out with two of the first years in my program who I hadn't really bonded with yet.
  2. Monday
    Classes, met up with a friend who graduated in the cohort above me this year, packed for NYC. Had a sleepover with one of my classmates cause we had to head to the airport at 4am the next day and needed all the moral support we could get.
  3. Tuesday
    Early wake up, safe and mostly painless flight. Got to my friend's apartment in NYC where I was crashing for the week and discovered his roomie was out of town so I got my own room!!!! And got to sleep on a real bed!!! #blessed Walked around the city to stay conscious with my grad school friends because no sleep.
  4. Tuesday evening
    Opening reception/networking for my conference. Met up with some lovely Canadian students who helped me maintain my sanity when we were working in Ghana this summer. Then got dinner after with my friend Ben - we got Thai food to go and sat by the river and looked at New Jersey lol. But it was lovely
  5. Wednesday
    Conference day 1 at Columbia, lunch with the Canadians. Dinner with a friend I met last year in ATL who is now in grad school at Columbia.
  6. Thursday
    Conference day 2, presented my poster, had some great convos. Ate some amazing Indian food for dinner.
  7. Friday
    Fun NYC day with my classmates, then went out with friends from undergrad including my friend Erica who now lives in Iowa but happened to be in NYC for the weekend! The universe is on my side, people.
  8. Saturday
    Was on the struggle bus from the night before but ate a delish bagel with my friends from college. Safe flight home to ATL. REUNITED WITH MY BED.
  9. And my dad is going to be in town this week! I love you all, have a relaxing Sunday!!!!