Deeply ashamed of all of the following. Also this seemed like an appropriate time to bring all caps titles back. And use all the emojis
  1. â€Ē
    Had a meltdown at customs
    This was a combo of frustration/homesickness/pent up anger at condescending males. I overreacted and did apologize but also don't feel bad because I know they were being excessively rude to me and I don't put up with that shit especially from males. 👋
  2. â€Ē
    Couldn't figure out how to get from security to the gate
    Apparently you have to walk through a store to access the gates. WHERE IS YOUR SIGNAGE, AIRPORT?! 🙅ðŸŧ
  3. â€Ē
    Ate an entire footlong sub in approx 10 mins
    Feelings = eating on autopilot 👅
  4. â€Ē
    Since dinner went WAY faster than planned, went shopping (the only other thing to do at this airport) #nowifi ðŸ’ē
  5. â€Ē
    Shopping ended with me purchasing and eating an entire bar of toblerone dark chocolate
    Again with the feelings plus added realization that I haven't had chocolate in his form since May ðŸŦ
  6. â€Ē
    Took up 3 seats with all my crap to journal about all these happenings and wonder who I have become
    There were plenty of empty seats but I still hate this on principle 👜👝🎒
  7. â€Ē
    Was randomly approached by airport staff for an airport improvement survey in which I took my revenge on those customs officials
    KARMA. And now, I am at peace 😈
  8. â€Ē
    In what began as an innocent request for how much it cost to use one of the airport lounges, ended up doing an under the table exchange with an employee for a small fee that allowed me to use only the wifi but secretly, from a distance
    ðŸ˜ķI really didn't know what was happening until it happened tbh
  9. â€Ē
    Went to the gate too early and spent an hour trapped in an over-air conditioned space without bathroom access
  10. â€Ē
    Was way too happy when boarding time came ✌ïļ