Amazing things
  1. We did a u-turn over the ocean and it was beautiful
    At first I was like "hm why are we headed toward the ocean we're supposed to go north. THEN IT HAPPENED. Our altitude was still low so we saw the ocean/beach pretty close up
    Got all this complementary for a flight less than an hour. That is how it should be done people
  3. Music
    Music played over the speakers the entire time. Most of it was Ghanaian but there was some American country thrown in. It was a strange experience. As we were descending Shania Twain played. Whoever was dj cut her off for another song. In hindsight I really hope the pilot was not the music chooser?
  4. We survived
    Something about small planes makes me feel way less safe than being on a big plane. But we made it safely thanks to the pilot and crew 👍