These are my go-to topics of conversation with strangers also they work really well as ways to end a conversation. Multifunctional!!!
  1. Did you know the Macarena works to any song?
    This usually comes along with a demonstration to prove it.
  2. How amazing cork is. Seriously. Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started.
  3. Everyone actually has brown eyes, we all just have different amounts of melanin that makes them appear to be different colors.
    I like to use this one after complementing someone on their eyes to take them down a notch.
  4. Monkeys' vocal cords, etc are developed for speaking, just the part of the brain that allows for speech needs to evolve a bit more and then they will be able to converse.
  5. I know every word to that Chronicles of Narnia rap by Andy Samburg and Jason Sudeikis.
    I usually only recite it while walking around NYC though, sorry.
  6. This cause it's true and we are all guilty of it
  7. What do you think Amanda Bynes is up to?
    But really, is she doing okay?
  8. That one time I was in X place and ate/drank that one thing
    If all else fails
  9. The inventor of the red solo cup died this week, and red still sells better than any other color
    Pour some out