1. I have an event at 6:30
  2. But I arrived accidentally 30 mins early
  3. So I'm just sittin in the parking lot
  4. Making good use of time to listen to a podcast
  5. BUT this car pulls up next to mine
  6. And this dude is also sitting in his car. Like for a few minutes too long
  7. And I am trying very hard to not make eye contact
  8. But then he finally gets out of his car and walks away
  9. But then he gets half way across the parking lot and turns back
  10. So for some reason I put my phone to my ear so I can have a fake convo justifying my sitting in the car
  11. So the podcast is still playing so I'm having a convo with the podcast guys
  12. Thank god my windows are up
  13. I really hope he couldn't hear what was going on
  14. He walked away so I'm writing this list but if he comes back again I'm going back to my phone convo
  15. Why am I like this
  16. Why can't I just be late/on time like the rest of the world
  17. Also I guaruntee this guy is part of the networking event I'm about to attend
  18. SOS