Thanks for this request @mallofamanda! Fun fact: I'm a super perfectionist so this took me forever, but I really did enjoy curating it! This is brought to you by me, Google, and a bag of Chex mix
  1. First off, lets operationalize some terms
    1. Did not include reality shows as "TV shows" because this is my list and I do what I want. Also excluded news/sports shows. 2. Did not include any shows filmed prior to 2008, since that is the year Georgia's tax credits really kicked in and brought the industry in with them*. 3. "Atlanta" here will mean anywhere in GA because there's a lot of crossover okay, and I'm only spending so many hours on this.
  2. Now you're thinking to yourself "Wow, this girl really knows how to make a fun topic boring"
  3. YEP that's what grad school does to your brain kids, don't try it.
  4. But enough about me, here are some TV shows filmed in Atlanta in no particular order!
  5. Atlanta
    New show written/produced by Donald Glover., filmed the first season here and is also based on ATL, hence the name.
  6. The Walking Dead
    Speaking of, check out this related ATL meet up for the season premier next month: Save the Date: Atlanta List Meet-up (The Walking Dead Themed)
  7. Stranger Things
    I didn't actually know this til after I watched the show, and then met some people who are actual friends with some of the actors and now I have lots of good deets on those people. Season 2 will start filming soon!
  8. Vampire Diaries
    Honestly was not aware this show was still on
  9. Quantico - kind of
    Pilot was filmed in ATL, but then the series was moved to Montreal because it looks more like NYC there apparently. Even though the show is called Quantico, half of it takes place in NYC so here we are. Then, the second season of filming actually moved to NYC entirely, and I'm still getting over the fact that I won't ever run into those beautiful people here in ATL. Moving on....
  10. 24: Legacy
    A reboot of the 24 series
  11. Ozark
    Netflix series produced/directed by Jason Bateman
  12. Teen Wolf
  13. Sleepy Hollow
    Started filming in GA during season 3 because it was cheaper than NC and SC where previous seasons were filmed.
  14. Tyler Perry's House of Payne
    The show is also based in ATL
  15. Meet the Browns
    Another Tyler Perry show. Could make an entire list of Tyler Perry things filmed in ATL.
  16. Archer
  17. Necessary Roughness
  18. Drop Dead Diva
    Has been cancelled, but filmed many seasons here.
  19. McGyver
    UPCOMING. Yep, a new show based on the character is coming to ya this month
  20. BONUS FUN FACT: I have heard people refer to ATL as "Y'allywood" because of all the movies/tv shows filmed here but idk if any actual real people from Atlanta have ever used that term.
  21. *Full bibliography available upon request.