And Other DC Things
  1. 11:30 am. Landed at Dulles. Immediately saw Trump/Pence Inauguration shirts at a gift shop. Bad start.
  2. Saw another shirt with Obama's face that said "Miss me yet?"
    Yes the answer is yes
  3. 12:20 pm. Got off the bus at L'Enfant right near the Capitol. Walked straight to some food trucks. There were about 10 trucks with 10 different cuisines because this is America dammit and the world should always be at my fingertips and in my stomach. Got Bahn Mi
  4. Speed walked past the Dept of Ag, USAID, lots of other important buildings with statues of dead guys in front of them.
  5. Walked toward the National Mall while nomming on my sandwich. It was not pretty but I have no regrets.
  6. It was also v windy and cold so the tears thing was not just click bait my friends.
  7. Walked past what my brother called the Big Pencil" in his youth.
  8. The Big Pencil in all its glory
  9. Walked past the White House which is already undergoing Inauguration prep so I couldn't get that close AND had to take a detour to get to the Renwick #thankstrump
  10. 1:05pm Got to the Renwick aka my fave art museum of all time because it's small but also has some amazing permanent and visiting collection pieces guaranteed, always.
  11. Sorry I could look up the artist's names, but I'm tired just google Renwick if you want to know:
  12. Actual pottery
  13. This is a visualization of the populations growth of cities over time and I was geekin out guys. It's SO BEAUTIFUL.
  14. Tons of clay cups that a war vet made first by himself to get imagery out of his head, and then has worked with other vets to make their own to use art as therapy. So many more than pictured.
  15. This shit was instagrammed by every female in the D.C. area and I gotta tell ya, it looks better in pictures
  16. Also the Ghost Clock is there and if you don't know what that is, educate yourself because it is amazing.
  17. Did I mention that I broke approx 3 museum rules including setting off a silent alarm because I was tired and also too excited about art?
  18. Left the Renwick and walked toward the Capitol end of the Mall and then to a former professor's office south of the Capitol for a quick chat.
  19. I did all that in about 4 hours which proves that if you have speed walking abilities and a good sandwich, you can do anything. God bless America. Or don't. 🦅