Why li.st is Frustrating for Creepers Such as Myself

I keep going back and forth about my feelings for this app. Today I realized why: I am a creeper and li.st is not about that. I am the problem here, people
  1. Li.st is a beautiful app that encourages actual writing/thoughts and communicating with other users - no matter if you know them or not.
  2. BUT these awesome qualities make it hard to lurk in a satisfying way.
  3. Have I sufficiently creeped anyone out yet?
  4. The thing is, on LITERALLY any other form of social media I can figure out where (generally) a person lives, how old they are, what they do, etc
    Even if you don't have a bio I'll probably find a pic your sister tagged you in on Instagram from your birthday 3 years ago that discloses your age.
  5. This is partially because I am a first class creep.
    I accept my flaws okay.
  6. But also because many other social media apps are BUILT with the assumption that 1. you either already know the other people or 2. you want to find something out about the person without directly interacting with them
    The relationship status on Facebook is an excellent example of this
  7. The lack of focus on bio/user personal info on li.st has actually been so frustrating to me
  8. Because the first thing I think when I read a person's list is usually "wow where do you live / are you in my peer group / could we be real friends?"
  9. But, li.st is teaching me that age/location/etc doesn't matter so much as we (I) think it does
  10. Also, just because we live in the same city / are the same age doesn't actually mean we have anything in common
    Something I have learned the hard way while trying to make friends in a new place for the past year
  11. So, moving forward I'm going to try to connect more with people on this app. It's really not my tendency to get to know people through a screen. Actually I hate the idea of it.
    This explains why I have also never attempted online dating/apps. Just can't stand the idea.
  12. But it's so valuable here, and the people make it worth it. I've realized that my assumption that meeting others on the Internet is not conducive to solid friendships is just holding me back from interacting with really great people.
  13. So thanks li.st for being a social media platform that is NOT built as a tool for creepin and for creating something really special.
  14. This creep will do her best to embrace it 😬