One month til the start of the season people, buckle up! Don't care for college basketball? YOU'RE ABOUT TO.
  1. Tony Bennett (no, not Lady Gaga's friend Tony Bennett) is the kindest/most attractive/most wonderful coach in college basketball right now. In a world of assholes (ahem Coach K) Tony is a dreamy, level headed angel who gets better with age.
    I have many Tony pics on my phone, hmu for more. Also read this ASAP: http://www.vogue.com/13419564/march-madness-tony-bennett-uva-basketball-coach/
  2. These guys are the MOST adorable.
    I mean come on. Would it kill you to look at them and root for them for two hours at a time once or twice a week?
  3. They just wanna make you smile.
  4. Social consciousness
    They all posted this on their Twitter accounts. These guys are together on everything.
  5. Amazing hair
    PG London is not only a wonderful 3 point shooter, but like LOOK at the height of his hair.others have good hair too, but you'll have to tune in to see it 😉
  6. Ranked #5 on ESPN's Way Too Early Preseason Ranking
    Das right.
  7. One time Dickie V and I hung out at a game, and even though he is a dumb Duke fan, he sings the praises of the Hoos all the time.
  8. If you don't support this team, Tony will be sad.
  9. You don't want to make this man sad. Do you?
  10. JOIN US.
  11. FYI they lost their first game yesterday but it's okay because it was to a top 25 team and everyone has to lose to learn how to win etc etc everything is FINE
  12. FYI I'm gonna keep updating this and you're all gonna keep ignoring it, but IT'S FINE.
  13. College basketball is a v good channel for all the emotions you are having. It's like free therapy! You are guaranteed to go through the entire range of human emotions within every single game, especially when Virginia is involved!
  14. Villanova is the reigning national champion and also currently ranked #1 and BARELY just beat Virginia literally in the last second of the game and also Virginia beat them last year sooo I think we can safely say VA is the better team here. I'M NOT BITTER THESE ARE FACTS.