Because sometimes I need reminding.
  1. Sunshine
  2. Naps on sunny days after a very busy morning. But still waking up with enough hours to spend the day however you want to.
  3. Bubble baths followed by great talks.
  4. A cozy, breathable sweater that you can throw on and go.
  5. Ocean breezes
  6. The sound of waves
  7. Hearing your favorite people laugh
  8. Butterflies when they aren't flying in front of your car while you're driving
  9. Chocolate
  10. Balloons just because
  11. Finding the perfect climate for a plant and knowing that you can maintain it
  12. Finding the perfect, most comfortable shoes that are still stylish
  13. Making plans with your favorite people.
  14. Dirty jokes
  15. A clean home
  16. Babies when they like you
  17. Vacations
  18. Opening the windows on a warm day
  19. Sleeping with the windows open
  20. Donuts
  21. Carnivals
  22. Disney World
  23. The Animal Kingdom Resort that always smells like bacon