Things that make me mentally say, "UNNNNHGG BUT WHY"

Major annoyances.
  1. When my dad comments something way too heavy on my Instagram pictures.
    The latest one is a very deep, and slightly poetic (no lie, there is a rhyme in it) paragraph about his many sappy hopes for my marriage. Appreciated. But just text me those things, damn it.
  2. When someone suggests that we get coffee when we both know we don't want to get coffee.
    I'm never that person. I make a point to just not be that person.
  3. A suggestion that we go work out after I've gotten off of work.
    No. Never yes. Always no. Unless you dress me in gym clothes complete with tied tennis shoes.
  4. A text asking me about some sort of gossip that I have no details on or no business talking about.
    Unless of course it's one of my closest gal pals.
  5. Knowing how much water I'm supposed to drink a day and knowing that I never hit that goal.