1. Apocalypse Tips 🌊🌋⚡
    Things you need to do to prepare for December 21st
  2. Acquire weapons
    And learn how to use them. Self defense is very important in a post-apocalyptic world.
  3. Form a plan with your friends and family about whose basement you're going to take shelter in
    Make sure everyone has a place to go.
  4. Once you've picked a place, set up enough cots for everyone
    Don't forget the pillows and blankets!
  5. Buy lots of bottled water and non-perishable foods
    We don't know exactly what will happen on the 21st, but there's a chance you may need to stay underground for a while.
  6. Also stock up on fruit and vegetable seeds
    Once the excitement is over and all the local supermarkets have been ransacked, your best bet is to begin growing your own food. Just make sure you have enough allies to help defend your crops from unfriendly outsiders.
  7. Learn basic survival skills
    It will soon become very important that you know how to build a fire and gather rain water.
  8. Fully stock a first aid kit
    We don't need anyone dying from an infected cut à la Khal Drogo.