Requested by Erin

Highlights From Working at C2E2.

Favorite memories from my time as a crew member at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Most of these involve meeting celebrities.
  1. The time I hugged Hodor.
    There he is, "hiding" in the back.
  2. The time Natalia Tena gave me a Swedish Fish.
  3. The time I helped track down a man dressed as The Joker who was harassing young girls.
    If that doesn't make me Batman, I don't know what does.
  4. The time we got sidetracked from hunting down the Joker to chat with Ernie Hudson.
  5. The time I worked with Finn Jones.
  6. The time I met Sean Astin.
  7. All of the friends.
  8. All of the cosplayers.
  9. But seriously, the cosplayers.