Songs Our Middle School Chorus Sang

I'm going through everything in my childhood bedroom and I found these gems. Our chorus instructor always chose the worst music for us to sing. @ErinFlaherty and @sky will remember these.
  1. A song about skateboarding
    "Those hopscotch pole-dads and pedestrians, too, will bug ya. Shout 'cuyabunga,' now and skate right on through."
  2. A song about the importance of having a good housewife
    "Without a woman to help him, how would Santa be on time?"
  3. A song about a little shit who likes scaring his family
    "I want some mice for Christmas, all frisky and quick as can be; won't it be nice to uncage those mice when my mom has ladies to tea."
  4. A song about rainbows
    "When I look at that horizon, I feel like harmonizin'."
  5. A song about spreading joy through music
    "You will make a new sensation, have a growing congregation, build a glowing operation here below."
  6. A song about Santa getting his groove on
    "So I looked up in the sky, saw Santa in his sleigh. Had his CD player turned up all the way."
  7. A song about being single af
    "It's Christmas and I'm crying again."