What I Did in Germany 6 Years Ago

Reminiscing about my 2010 trip and trying to figure out if I can afford to go back sometime soon.
  1. Visited the Brandenburg Gate
  2. Climbed to the top of Berliner Dom
  3. Walked along the Berlin Wall
  4. And wrote on it
  5. Slid down a mountain on a slide
  6. Ate currywurst
  7. Cheered for Germany during the World Cup
  8. Bought a German magazine and struggled to read it
  9. Also bought German LOTR books because I would've hated myself if I didn't
  10. Played children's games
  11. Hiked up to an old castle wearing flip flops
  12. Popped over to France where every building was adorable
  13. Bonus picture: @ErinFlaherty with a pretzel mustache