Today, Sweden raised its terror threat warning from 3 to 4 in a 1-5 scale. It's the highest level we've ever had. I work at a newspaper and we take these kind of threats extra seriously after the Charlie Hebdo attack. This is what was going through my head as the news was announced:
  1. I wonder which entrance they would choose?
    There are 2, but I only have access to one of them. To go to the other one, I would need to run across the roof. I wonder if it would be smart to take the chance of running towards the wrong entrance.
  2. Would they bother going to the 13th floor?
    I'm on the 13th floor. Maybe they would be lazy and stay on the first floors.
  3. Should I stay or should I go?
    Taking a chance that they won't come all the way up or trying to get out of the building asap?
  4. Alternative 1: hide
    Lock myself and my colleagues into the bathroom? No, too easy to find. They could bomb us all in there when they realize it. Hide on the roof? No, not enough hiding spots and freaking cold. No hiding. There's no way to hide.
  5. Alternative 2: get out of the building asap
    Use the normal stairs? Too risky, what if they're on their way up? Use the emergency stairway? I have no idea where it leads, maybe they'll block that one as well and be shooting at us as we climb down. Use the elevator? No too risky, I won't know which floor they're on. Jump onto another building from the roof? No, too far, I suck at jumping. Climb down on the outside of the building? No, only glass walls, and they could spot me through the glass. I wish I had my climbing rope...
  6. My thought are disrupted by the security announcement at the office: police information - no targeted threat towards media institutions.
    Time to go home, I'm bringing my climbing rope to work tomorrow. At least I would have done something.
  7. It is crazy to think that people live under threats thousandfold worse than this on a daily basis...