A selection
  1. People who bite intro string cheese
  2. People who barrel onto the subway before letting people off
  3. People who wore a "Dumbledore is Dead" shirt to school THE DAY after the book came out
  4. People who leave 1 square of TP and don't replace the roll
  5. People who don't flush public toilets
  6. People who don't refill the Brita
  7. People who tear open the cereal box and destroy the flap that keeps it fresh for the rest of us
  8. People who "air" their feet out in public
  9. People with read receipts who don't reply promptly
  10. People who talk through movies and/or eat noisy contraband in the theater
  11. People who take your clothes out of the dryer before they're done
  12. People who compulsively sniff instead of blow their noses
  13. People who claim they're "not a big chocolate person"...
  14. Litterbugs