It's his birthday today
  1. See movies by himself then email me his rating from 1-10
    Then come home and look up the "goofs" on IMDB. These were shared in a follow-up email.
  2. Remind me how much money I owed him
    84b2af3c 5b2a 4d20 81c7 78e92a359d6e
  3. Eat Kraft singles as a snack
  4. Call people by their initials
  5. Keep a stack of Porscheforus magazines in the backseat and stick them under people's windshields in parking lots
  6. Take a photo of me every month on the 23rd to "document my growth." They are all collected in a binder like trading cards.
  7. Buy an Entemann's pound cake on Sunday, slice the whole thing up and wrap each piece in tin foil to bring to work
  8. Tape Regis every morning and watch it the second he got home from work
  9. Listen to WOR or Q104 in the car
  10. Document everything he ate in an Excel spreadsheet
  11. Go tanning with his socks on
    Yes, in a tanning bed. He said he needed the Vitamin D.
  12. Keep an address book of celebrities and our actual friends as if there was no distinction
    The Sobelson's were next to Jerry Seinfeld. Mike Brall was next to Christie Brinkley. Jodi Ladden was next to Cyndi Lauper
  13. Embody a Jewish baby boomer from Brooklyn