@anu and I are going to LA mid-May to stir up some trouble. What should we do?! We're simple New Yorkers; please RELIST and help us plan! Thank you!!
  1. Bars?
  2. Restaurants?
  3. Live music?
  4. Beaches?
  5. Parks?
  6. Recommended cruising?
  7. Cultural stuff that doesn't involve drinking?
    These ones need to be most persuasive
  8. Largo at the Coronet
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  9. Bay Cities deli
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  10. Speranza
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  11. Little doms
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  12. Amoeba music
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  13. El matador beach
    Suggested by @johannasamuels
  14. Echo Park lake/Echo Park generally
    New Yorkers tend to feel most 'at home' in Echo Park/Silver Lake/Los Feliz and they're all amazing, but the Lake gives you a lot of walkable possibilities nearby on Sunset--bars, restaurants, book store, live music--and it has a cool vibe. You can either picnic alongside or take a pedal boat ride in the middle of the lake
    Suggested by @jenn