1. Ada
    I'm told it's a "classic" and I loved Lolita and it was in the laundry room lending library. But I've yet to read a word (unless you count the title).
  2. H Is for Hawk
    Astonishing reviews made me git it. And her essays in the NY Times mag. And yet. And yet. The spine remains uncrack'd.
  3. The Boatmaker
    A publicist I like/respect sent it to me and it looks nice and such but who has time when there's so much listmaking to be done.
  4. The Book of Aron
    Another freebie. And Jim Shepherd after all (not to be confused with the Jim who wrote The Basketball Diaries). Did I misspell his name? Anyhoo, haven't read it yet. Heard it had to so with the Holocaust and you know how I feel about that.
  5. The Opposite of Spoiled
    How to make my kid not be a jackass? Okay. But I still haven't consulted it. Is there a @list cheat sheet?
  6. My Brilliant Friend
    Everyone raves. Everyone.
  7. The Girl Who Was Saturday Night
    I started it and was loving it but then put it down for too long and now I have to start from the top, which can be so dispiriting.
  8. The Season of Migration
    My neighbor Nellie Hermann wrote it and she's really sweet and has a little dog my son likes to pet.
  9. The Night of the Gun
    I'm actually about half way through but lost steam