1. How much do you earn
  2. Do you have to pay for your own fancy/casual/black clothes
  3. Where do you live
  4. Do you have other sources of income
  5. What is your dream job
  6. Is this your dream job
  7. Do you get jealous of all the people who patronize this hotel
  8. Four years ago, when you were still in high school or college, what did you foresee for this stage of your life
  9. What is the weirdest behavior you've witnessed here
  10. Are you in a union
  11. Are your bosses decent people?
  12. Do you get paid sick leave
  13. Is a lot (or any) of coke sold here
  14. Do you ever hang out with the W African underground merchants around the corner/across the street
  15. Why do you need secret service-like earpieces?
  16. Why are there no women in the job you have?