1. Woman above me apparently ignored her clog kitchen sink drain and let the water run,causing it to leak through my kitchen light fixture (wtf?) and descend through the walls to flood kitchen below me
  2. Last time I had to interact with woman above me (regarding her overflowing toilet and its leaking into my bathroom), she answered her door in a shirt, slippers and underwear.
    I found that odd--especially as she carried on a conversation utterly oblivious to her pantlessness.
  3. Woman below me is so tightly wound, I can see it pains her when I say hello.
    This is my subtweeting revenge
  4. Woman below me has complained, though not lately, of my child's running, stomping etc, though acknowledges (slightly passive aggressively) that the noise is part of city living.
    Bring da noise, bring da funk
  5. Woman below me apparently was quite cross with my babysitter tonight after her kitchen flooded from woman above me.
    To her credit, the sitter was not flustered and was like, "lady, i don't live here."
  6. Another neighbor...don't know his name but has an old dog who suffers from an ulcer...is very unfriendly. It is really hard for me not to say--look, i am simply saying hello, i am not inviting you over for a profound friendship. But maybe he has some kind of social dysfunction--I should be more generous.
    His boyfriend, on the other hand, is a delight, and we've some very pleasant conversations.
  7. There is the chronic pot smoker. Dunno who--but I think he's on the 4th floor.
    Dunno why I assume it's a he, either.