A good actress who it'd be nice yo see want in non red-neck parts.
  1. Something BBC-ish.
    Maybe an upper crust Londoner in Call the Midwives. Or, if they do a Wolf Hall two about Elizabeth...she could be in that.
  2. In something Mumblecore, set in Brooklyn or Austin or Silver Lake.
    With no trace of redneck characters unless they're ironically aspirational.
  3. Noah Baumback or Nicole Holofcener or even Woody Allen ought to cast her in a Greta Gerwig kinda role.
    Let us see her "range."
  4. Or get her on Empire
    As a richy rich Harvard MBA/JD hired to get Lucious off the legal hook.
  5. VEEP
    We know she can do comedy...Get her in as Selina's newest bumbling staffer
  6. She coulda been the reporter in first/second seasons of HOC 4 sure.