1. Corey Robin and I agree that there is little more irksome than bougie middle aged men who love reggae
  2. I am not the only one who finds reggae tedious
  3. My friend Gillian has smart advice and is a good person to have around to remind me of my good points
  4. A neighbor realized she doesn't want kids and now feels liberated because she knows her life will be easier without them.
  5. One of my co-workers has no idea I too freelance and have published actual journalism in actual newspapers and magazines
  6. My cousin doesn't know how my sister Rebecca spells her name
  7. My child is now three feet high and rising
  8. I am not the only one who thinks Starbucks makes good ice cream
  9. Waco is a place I shan't ever visit
  10. My sisters crashed a graduation reception at UC Berkeley.