Getting meta and making good on my list of lists I said I'd make. This is solely the category of "sent to @adamB." my poor bf who is just trying to do his job. #whoops #love me▶️love my links/incessant emails 😍
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    The dek reads "if you didn't go apple picking, did fall even happen?" And I have been whining/begging to go apple picking since September. 🍎🍁
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    A screenshot of texts w another friend
    Sorry this isn't actually a link
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    Relevancy? Purely that we both agree we should go to yoga more.
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    A pitch I wrote
    Also not a link
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    Trying to lay he groundwork for a trip to London before #Adele can even announce a tour for 25
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    We are watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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    A link to my own list. I'm sorry @adamB 😘
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    Drake is my boyfriend's greatest source of inspiration. 🦄
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    Two other links to lists (not my own)
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    I lied, three. 2 about Drake, 1 about Canada which is arguably also about Drake
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    Cue @hagerage asking me if I'm sure this list wasn't meant to stay in my drafts 😝
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    I just want to make sure he's up on it 😚🙃☺️
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    A link to a Lizzie Fortunato necklace I wanted from of a kind
    He approved 💯
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    I love jon caramanica and he loves drake. This was a win win and I think @adamB read this one.
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    A link to this list. Natch.