I never meant to fall down a rabbit hole of Korean skincare...let alone have it become my full time job, but it's an amazing industry--but if you want glowing skin, look no further than Korean products. Promise you will glow 💫✨ for a $10 discount on your first order from PEACH AND LILY, click here https://share.peachandlily.com/x/t498ok
  1. Cremorlab
    Cremorlab is one of those "magic water" brands. Discovered in the Geumjin region of Korea,this brand's insanely mineral rich thermal water is used for hydrotherapy w cancer patients. Korea, being as skincare obsessed a country as it is, then thought- oh let's also use this for skincare. The result: an addictive line of gentle skincare, the best oil (/gel) first cleanser on the market, and some great moisturizers!
  2. LJH
    The Tea Tree Essence is 💯 for irritated skin, calms blemishes and redness w natural ingredients. Some people also go crazy for their propolis ampoule, but I'd say Tosowoong's is a better bang for your 💸
  3. May Coop
    2 key words here: MAPLE. SAP. Smells divine. And the raw sauce has broken out of the K beauty bubble to become a best seller at Sephora.
  4. Be The Skin
    This botanical based line is a cult favorite. I use the blue (toner and serum) pore line when my skin is acting up and the orange line (toner and serum) for an addicting hydration boost--thanks to Royal jelly and other yummy ingredients.
  5. Shangpree
    Shangpree is Seoul's most exclusive spa. I'm obsessed w the Bitgoa hue essence toner but for a super fun and effective point of entry, try the gold modeling mask!
  6. Leaders
    Amazing selection of sheet masks sold between Peach & Lily and Ulta. Available in versions to address every concern imaginable.
  7. CosRX
    Favorite of blogger community. I like the overnight stickers to cure a blemish and the super affordable sleeping packs (honey/rice)
  8. Neogen
    The green tea foaming face wash is amazing and has green tea leaves floating on the bottom!!!