List making is a legitimate exercise for anyone attempting a book of personal essays. And a legitimate form of procrastination on aforementioned essays, too.
  1. Pictures I enjoyed rediscovering on Facebook when I couldn't sleep
  2. Emails I sent Emily in one day
  3. Links I sent Adam in one day
  4. Links I sent mom in one day
  5. Pills I was supposed to take but couldn't add to regimen
  6. Restaurants I want to eat at
  7. Places I want to visit
  8. Possible wedding locations
  9. Names for future children
  10. Names ruined by boys of my past
  11. Movies I loved
  12. Books I loved
  13. Songs that always make me happy (can only think of one right now!!)
  14. My personal guide to NYC
  15. My beauty guide to NYC
  16. Things I have learned working in fashion
  17. Things I no longer care about (especially w regards to fashion)
  18. Things I want to buy even though I just said I no longer cared about fashion
  19. Women I have style, brain, or general crushes on
  20. Designers I would like to own something from
  21. Product lines I want to try
  22. Weird screenshots on my phone
  23. Lists I made before list app
  24. Alternative health treatments I want to get
  25. Favorite apps
  26. Things I've been meaning to do
  27. Pictures I took of Adam before he banned me from taking pictures of him
    I made this list. It's really funny (no humility on this) I've been banned from posting it. Please nag @adamB about this.