...and then it got cancelled
  1. What About Brian
    I remember nothing about this show except the cute guy from Boy Meets World, or was it 7th Heaven???!! Then it got cancelled. Also now that I googled-- this cast was generally legit though I was too young to get it at the time. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_About_Brian
  2. Lipstick Jungle
    Post-SATC, pre-GIRLS
  3. American Dreams
    Young Brittany Snow as a 60s teen who danced on American Bandstand. Always had pop stars of the day come on as the 60s music acts. Dealt with race riots, birth control, & Vietnam was before Mad Men was even an idea in Matt Weiner's head. I still miss this show, it was 💯
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  4. Red Band Society
    What's not to love about a D grade version of glee set place in a hospital?
    Suggested by @brykelley
  5. A to Z
    Followed Cristin Milioti and a very hot gentleman whose name escapes me on their journey to love. Every episode focused on a new letter (A is for, B is for, etc) but it TRAGICALLY was cancelled at M and now we'll never know GOD FUCK YOU NBC
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  6. Don't trust the B
    This show was hilarious. It lasted longer than some of these other one-hit wonders...Krysten Ritter, a long series of meta/self-aware/in-jokes with James van der Beek....this show was great.
  7. Undeclared
    Freaks and geeks gets all the love but undeclared had a young Charlie Hunnam, baby Seth Rogen, and Apatow's signature cringeworthy youthful awkwardness and sexual tension. Wheeee!
  8. Jake In Progress - John. Freaking. Stamos. Enough said.
    Suggested by @stars
  9. the Return of Jezebel James
    Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose starred in this show about a children's book editor written by Gilmore Girls' Amy Sherman-Palladino & it was cancelled before it had a chance!
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  10. Popular
    Between April Tuna and Mary Cherry, I think this was an underrated Ryan Murphy gem. "Shut your dirty whore mouth player player!"
    Suggested by @noeleene
  11. Jane by Design
    Another wonderful ABCFamily show meant to be a Sex in the City/ Devil Wears Prada/ any RomCom ever. Lots of cute unknowns who were even less known than the network gambled.
    Suggested by @michellehoehne
  12. Better off Ted
    Suggested by @irishstu
  13. Reunion
    Circa 2005 I STILL want to know what happened
    Suggested by @kate81
  14. Forever
    An ABC cop show about a medical examiner who is immortal (hence having three hundred years of knowledge, a slight obsession with death, and the looks and charm to get me hooked) who starts working cases with a widowed detective (who is flawless (smart, gorgeous and brave). It was fun watching their partner dynamic, both his and her other relationships, and the family dynamic (his adopted son appears way older. Cancelled right after a season finale where he reveals his secret immortality to her!
    Suggested by @e
  15. The Mob Doctor
    A surgical resident pays off her brother's mob debt by doing odd job favors for the mob. How was this only 1 season?
    Suggested by @paige00
  16. The Deep End
    Grey's Anatomy with lawyers. I watched it with my law student roommates at the time, but apparently we were the only 3 people in the world who watched it, because it was cancelled after 6 episodes.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
  17. Kevin Hill - Starting Taye Diggs and Christina Hendricks pre- Mad Men. Guest stars: Idina Menzel, Toni Braxton, Meagan Good, Wayne Brady.
    Suggested by @stars
  18. Happy Endings
    Literally the best ensemble cast in the history of television. Every character was an idiot and you loved them so much for it.
    Suggested by @lana1
  19. Utopia
    It was a challenge, but I kept watching until it was cancelled.
    Suggested by @TVAddict
  20. Off the Map
    Suggested by @haley_dakota
  21. Third Watch
    Suggested by @miazapanta
  22. Raising The Bar
    A drama about public defenders & prosecutors and the cases they tried. As an attorney it was one of the more realistic legal shows out there & had a long haired Zack from Saved by the Bell. It only lasted 2 seasons. Guess this type of realism didn't sell.
    Suggested by @kikikeenan
  23. Firefly
    But at least we got a movie out of it.
    Suggested by @ebsquared