After Kim showed up on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, NPR listeners expressed outrage! Here is a list of her future public radio gigs.
  1. On Forum, Michael Krasney and Kim have a thoughtful discussion about the post-modern origins of the Selfie.
  2. On This American Life, Kim recounts a cross country hitch hiking trip she took in order to understand "the average Joe."
  3. On Fresh Air, Terry Gross and Kim have a frank conversation about sex-tapes and narcissism in the post-post modern world.
  4. On Prairie Home Companion, Kim visits Lake Wobegon and changes the lives of the Lutheran Bachelor Farmers...forever.
  5. At the Commonwealth Club Kim discusses "having taken everything that is modern day society-from selfies to self promotion to sexuality and embraced it and monetized it and we're going to talk about it." This one is for reals.