I know I'm biased, but I think my boyfriend Alexander is hella skilled and I want him to have more freelance work so we can go to Finland this summer. He did not sign off on this.
  1. From a cool mural he did for a tech company in NY
  2. From a series of illustrations of animal idioms
  3. From a series of illustrations inspired by Dr. Zhivago
  4. From a mural about imagination for the Columbus Museum of Art
  5. Inspired by our trip to Whistler, BC with his family
  6. Just some cool wolves
  7. From Instagram today
  8. From a larger image of a pool party filled with jumbo wildlife and pensive party guests
  9. From wanting to be a shepherd, possibly
  10. From some work for an agency about, like, toiletries, I guess?
  11. From Inktober #spooky
  12. Phonograph, bird, etc?
  13. Another from the Dr. Zhivago series with #birds
  14. For a client posting on Facebook about metaphorical trains
  15. And my favorite: this darling self-portrait
  16. Yay!
  17. Okay, so like, if you want to hire Alexander for murals or digital assets or editorial work or whatever, hit him up at
  18. (So we can save up enough to go to Finland 🇫🇮)