I know I'm biased, but I think my boyfriend Alexander is hella skilled and I want him to have more freelance work so we can go to Finland this summer. He did not sign off on this. www.alexandermostov.com
  1. From a cool mural he did for a tech company in NY
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  2. From a series of illustrations of animal idioms
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  3. From a series of illustrations inspired by Dr. Zhivago
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  4. From a mural about imagination for the Columbus Museum of Art
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  5. Inspired by our trip to Whistler, BC with his family
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  6. Just some cool wolves
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  7. From Instagram today
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  8. From a larger image of a pool party filled with jumbo wildlife and pensive party guests
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  9. From wanting to be a shepherd, possibly
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  10. From some work for an agency about, like, toiletries, I guess?
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  11. From Inktober #spooky
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  12. Phonograph, bird, etc?
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  13. Another from the Dr. Zhivago series with #birds
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  14. For a client posting on Facebook about metaphorical trains
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  15. And my favorite: this darling self-portrait
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  16. Yay!
  17. Okay, so like, if you want to hire Alexander for murals or digital assets or editorial work or whatever, hit him up at alexsmostov@gmail.com
  18. (So we can save up enough to go to Finland 🇫🇮)