1. Seattle weather has gone full-Seattle
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    I like the rain, but I miss crunchy-leaf fall
  2. Master of None
    Just giving me the best NY-vibes
  3. Flying home for Thanksgiving
    We're going to spend 20-hours in airplanes the week of Thanksgiving and while I can't wait to be home, I'd rather battle NJ Transit for two hours
  4. Missing my friends there
    My Seattle friends are fantastic, but NY is where my oldest, closest comrades are. Plus my best friend is pregnant! I wish I was closer to celebrate with her.
  5. Pizza
    We found a decently-NYish pizza this week and it made me sad that I can't get pizza for a dollar when I'm drunk here
  6. Chinese take out
    East coast Americanized lo mein > PNW Americanized lo mein. Plus, you always have to pay for rice here
  7. Transportation
    Lame buses have got me using CTG more than I oughta. I'll take the delays, give me a subway please!
  8. Bagels