...the institution of marriage.
  1. What should marriage mean to a modern, not-religious community? Or should we just bail on it entirely?
  2. Isn't presuming that you're going to be in one monogamous relationship for ~70% of your life a little out-dated?
    +1 for a "dated" pun
  3. Not to mention the direct connection between marriage as a concept and idea that a woman belongs to her father then belongs to her husband.
  4. Which like, blech. That's some patriarchal bullshit, obvs.
  5. Which gets into the whole last name question, a sidebar for another list.
  6. I know that socio-politically I believe that we should divorce the institution of marriage from the legal rights of consenting adults to like, share health insurance, pay taxes as a unit, etc.
    +1 "divorce" pun
  7. I don't like living in a society where we compel people to get married in order to commit to raising a kid with someone or to buy a house or whatever.
  8. (Shout out to the podcast "Sex for Smart People" for opening my eyes to that a year or two ago.)
    Those people should be Listing.
  9. But
  10. BUT
  11. I see the spiritual appeal of gathering your community in one physical space to witness you making a commitment to someone you love.
  12. And I see the appeal of a big party afterwards, where you basically get to dedicate a whole happy event to how awesome it is that you found each other.
  13. And someone might buy you a KitchenAid stand-up mixer.
  14. And afterwards, you have this societally-approved marker of how much you mean to one another. Which is awesome.
  15. And maybe you feel different, I don't know.
  16. Anyway, I've been thinking about this. I might interview some married people and see what they say.
  17. A lot of people-- including many smart, lovely, feminists-- are married and are really into it, so there's something going on there.
  18. Hmm.