1. Notes on orders from a seafood place down the shore the weekend after prom
  2. Notes from when @danaweddell had her first vocal surgery in 2009 and she was on hardcore vocal rest
  3. Notes from when my high school friends and I went to Disney World and invented a game where we came up with new things that IHOP could stand for
  4. Notes from working the Polish Festival with @danaweddell
    Before she let me know "pollack" is derogatory... Sorry, everyone.
  5. Notes on two boys my friend Kaitlyn and I met in Glasgow
  6. Notes on a great apartment in Pittsburgh
  7. Notes from a family trip where we camped in Maryland, then drove into DC for the day
  8. Notes on Ireland in general
  9. Notes for a poem
  10. No idea what this is about
  11. Notes for a poem/justification of cowboy boots
  12. Notes on Survey of Forms: Fiction homework over spring break