Or, Things I Want to do but Currently Don't Have Time to do
  1. Get really good at photography.
    If I have tons of time, I'll naturally shoot on a daily basis, and naturally I'll get 100x better, right? RIGHT?
  2. Learn to play the full Coldplay catalog on the piano.
    Because sitting down and playing for an hour every month or so ain't cutting it.
  3. Write a book.
    Not the next Great American Novel. Some sort of compelling autobiographical thing.
  4. Garden.
    Such a cliche. But limitless time spent outside with plants sounds awesome. I wouldn't actually dig holes, though. I'd have somebody else do that part. I'd plant seeds, water, do light weeding, and become that neighbor that gifts neighbors with useless bags of fruit and veggies.
  5. Travel to every US state...and spend time on every continent.
    But maybe not Antarctica?