I used to make this list every day and even kept a food Twitter to log my food intake. it slowly made me insane and dangerously obsessive but it's still fun to do sometimes
  1. avocado toast
    thought "I'm an asshole" while preparing this before work. avocado toast seems asshole-y in the way kombucha on tap and $5 coffee does.
  2. banana
    bought from canyon market in glen park. I pop into this market if I have time to kill until the shuttle my work provides arrives to pick me up. I always spend too much money here.
  3. 1/2 chicken sandwich and salad
    provided for free by my work. mediocre.
  4. 1/2 roast beef sandwich
    leftover from free lunch on a platter on a ping pong table. nobody was looking so I took it and ate it quickly at my desk.