how did this happen??
  1. since I'm confused as to how this happened, I will take you through my college journey
  2. freshman year I had no fucking clue who I was, what I was doing, where I wanted to be in life and so much more
  3. I was annoying
  4. I missed my dog a lot
  5. dated a guy all year long because I felt like I needed to. you never have to date someone.
  6. definitely gained the freshman 15 and some
    the caf was amazing but also terrible for your diet
  7. sophomore year me was different
  8. I was in a darker placd
  9. I had gone through some life experiences that made me awknowledge the harsh realities of life
  10. I still missed my dog
  11. still annoying
  12. junior year was really great
  14. had my own car
  15. was finally taking classes in my major
  16. became more educated with politics and things going on in the world
  17. I had my heart broken. it was so difficult. so hard to get through. I had to work at it every day but I was getting better
  18. still annoying
  19. senior year was awesome
  20. I got to study abroad during the summer!!!
  21. I got another dog!!!
  22. school was exhausting but I loved my classes and classmates
  23. same guy in my life = same problems
    took me two heartbreaks to realize that while you may love someone doesn't mean they need to be in your life.
  24. had so much fun with my friends!!
  25. best year of college
  26. still annoying
  27. next year I go to grad school at KU!
    super excited for all my new opportunities!!!