So last December, I discovered podcasts for the very first time. It was a whole world of informative and entertaining content that I had been missing out on. Here's a list of my favorite podcasts:
  1. The Memory Palace - Nate Dimeo
    This is a podcast for the history buffs. Nate's calming voice talking about how the first elevator came to be, the invention of human canons at a circus etc is a good way to relax before sleeping at night.
  2. Startup Podcast
    It's a podcast about starting a podcast company. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.
  3. 99% Invisible - Roman Mars
    If you think of design as something more than just pixels, you will love 99pi. There is an episode about the #hastag, and one about a particular type of carpet used at an airport in Portland, Oregon (and its subsequent cult like following)
  4. Serial
    Needs no introduction.
  5. Test
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