1. Ok. I don't know these boos but I found this picture of them on their mother's facebook page 'bout a week ago.' I spend 10% of waking hours stalking black babies on the Internet/the streets & taking pictures of them. I usually take these pictures back to my bed and sob hysterically wondering if I'll ever be happy/did my father love me.
  2. Ok. This is a picture of a letter a str8 boy wrote me in high school. It's really the best thing I own and I am pretty sure I lost it last week.
  3. Ok. This is a selfie I took while having a stroke.
  4. Ok. I went into Odin. I chatted up the girl about cologne because I had just eaten shawarma, had a meeting and wanted to smell not like garlicky lamb. I asked her how much it was, realized I still can't afford Odin and tore out of there leaving my umbrella. I went back to get it but was too anxious so just took a picture of these shoes in a panic?
  5. Ok. Here's another picture of a black baby I took and cried about.