@maya requested this list. At first I was all "Maya! As if! I don't have cultural icons!" Then, I looked up from my phone and realized my walls are plastered with them. So, here's a list of cultural icons who inspire me. To qualify, you must be appear in photograph form on my wall. This list has taught me that I'm way gayer than I thought I was.
  1. My mom.
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    I know! Moms can't be cultural icons. But my mom's bad as fuck. She's a first generation Punjabi single mother who raised seven Black kids on a graduate student's salary. Now, she teaches Whiteness studies to Irish future cops on Boston's South Shore. So, fuck it! Straight to the top of the list.
  2. Jimmy.
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  3. Grace.
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  4. Kim.
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  5. Pam.
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  6. Naomi.
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  7. Kimmy.
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    Bought this hardcover book of her selfies last week for some light bedtime reading material and girllllll....