@maya requested this list. At first I was all "Maya! As if! I don't have cultural icons!" Then, I looked up from my phone and realized my walls are plastered with them. So, here's a list of cultural icons who inspire me. To qualify, you must be appear in photograph form on my wall. This list has taught me that I'm way gayer than I thought I was.
  1. My mom.
    I know! Moms can't be cultural icons. But my mom's bad as fuck. She's a first generation Punjabi single mother who raised seven Black kids on a graduate student's salary. Now, she teaches Whiteness studies to Irish future cops on Boston's South Shore. So, fuck it! Straight to the top of the list.
  2. Jimmy.
  3. Grace.
  4. Kim.
  5. Pam.
  6. Naomi.
  7. Kimmy.
    Bought this hardcover book of her selfies last week for some light bedtime reading material and girllllll....