Things that make me panic and jump out of bed, turn on all the lights, open the computer and not fall asleep again when I'm producing something. This week's panics to date.
  1. Where the fuck are the car keys? I left them in the car door on Washington Avenue.
    I did not.
  2. I didn't send the call sheet to the 2nd AC.
    I did.
  3. I don't have enough insurance to cover the rental.
    This was true. This was a real thing.
  4. The UPS delivery is not going to arrive in time.
    It did not.
  5. I need to hire another PA.
    I did but not at 3 AM which is when I shot out of bed to do it.
  6. I didn't eat dinner or lunch.
    I had not and then I did. At 4:00 AM.
  7. We are over budget and everything is just totally terrible.
    We were and it always is.