1. What kind of world am I raising my cats in?
  2. Getting older.
    At 28 I can't imagine much after 35, I guess I'll just be dead by then.
  3. My teeth falling out.
    2 rounds of braces and I never wore my retainer and the enamel is wearing off because I grind and chew the inside of my cheeks and lips incessantly because EVERYTHING IS FINE.
  4. CANCER!
    It is probable that I have the mutation gene for the titty kind but I don't wanna be stabbed by needles to find out. I also need to reschedule that follow up appt. to make sure I don't have the stuff that may or may not turn into cervicle cancer.
  5. Hahahaha it's fine...
    I might be riddled with disease! Like a scary piñata!
  6. Underwear Deterioration
    Just recently all of them started to either loose their elastic or get holes in the lacy bits, and I can't replace them rn and it's only going to get worse...
  7. H&M in the streets, Goodwill in the sheets.
  8. OK real quick shout out to Planned Parenthood for letting a low income, insurance-less bitch know about all the potentially cancery things that are happening im my body.
    Cuz otherwise I would for sure be dead/mostly dead by 35..
  9. I didnt mean for this to turn into a PSA but...
    Check yo self fo you wreck yo self
  10. I didn't start getting STD tests, pap smears etc. until I was 22.
    Apparently that's late in the game.
  11. After hearing about this my freinds mother strongly advised me to start getting my cooch checked out on the reg
    Thanks Tonya!
  12. This is something my mother just assumed I would know to do without telling me????
    Wtf Jill???!
  13. So go. Do it. Now.
  14. Or not.
    But maybe?