These are just the ones I remember.
  1. Bet (Age 8): If I scored a 3 point basketball shot I would get a puppy.
    Outcome: I threw the basketball granny style and it was nothing but net. Also, this may have been one of God's lesser known miracles because it was glorious. I got the puppy not long after.
  2. Bet (Age <10): If I drank a cold cup of coffee (I hated coffee back then), I would get $50.
    Outcome: Even at a young age it was unwise to bet against me when money was on the line (still is btw). So I drank that coffee like a desert wanderer who just found an oasis. Probably spent the money on PollyPocket dolls or a computer game.
  3. Bet (Age 10 or 11): If I ate a small amount of fish food (flakes) I could go on a dollhouse spending spree.
    Outcome: This was easy because no one expects fish food to basically have no taste (especially when chased by a shot of iced tea), so within a few days my dolls were living in the lap of luxury.
  4. Bet (Age 11ish): If I threw a dart and hit the bullseye I would get a kitten.
    Outcome: Anyone unaware of my bet-winning streak would have thought I was on the Junior Olympic Dart Team (if that exists), but alas the prospect of another cat coupled with my ability to perform under pressure resulted in a cute orange kitten and the end of my minute-long dart career.
  5. Bet (Age 12ish): If I went to the edge of the woods (not far) at night I would get $100.
    Outcome: I hesitated briefly because of my fear that Voldemort, the Boogeyman from Disney's Don't Look Under the Bed, or any other fictitious horror would get me. But I ran like a bat out of hell to the woods, stepped on a twig, screamed, and ran back. You would've thought there was a rocket strapped to me based on how fast I hauled ass. But I was $100 richer so whatever.
  6. Bet (Age Teens - Forever): Any test of my actor-related knowledge. Example: Watching Titanic. "Isn't Bill Paxton the same guy in Spaceballs?" Me: "No, that's Bill Pullman." This digresses into a bet to see who is more IMDb fluent.
    Outcome: With my encyclopedic knowledge of Wikipedia's pop culture articles, I easily emerge victorious and am rewarded with pure, pointless satisfaction.