Harry Potter and the Butterbeer Coma
  1. The Hogwarts Express
  2. Hogsmeade
  3. Hogsmeade
  4. Butterbeer
    The five versions of Butterbeer ranked: potted cream, frozen, regular (pictured), ice cream, and warm.
  5. "The Tale of the Three Brothers" puppet show
  6. Talking portraits in Hogwarts
  7. Entrance to Dumbledore's office
  8. Hagrid's hut
  9. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
  10. Escape from Gringotts
    The dragon breathes fire every few minutes.
  11. Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop
  12. Grimmauld Place
    Every 60 seconds Kreacher peaks out of the window Nosferatu-style.
  13. The Knight Bus
  14. Inside the Knight Bus
  15. Souvenirs
    Ravenclaw sweater and wand. The wand is modeled after Cedric Diggory's, and while I like him as a character, I chose his because of the runes, the burnt tip, and because it had a nice weight to it. Also, the wand-choosing process is intense and it (no joke) feels like a major life decision.