My last park ranger list dealt with the moronic, but this is about the memorable. So as suggested by @smallthings, my favorite parts from being a ranger (with park pictures as well).
  1. While I was inside a lot, I was still surrounded by pristine natural beauty.
  2. Meeting repeat visitors who return because of a great first experience and developing a rapport with the "regulars." I was on a first name basis with many people and it meant a lot that they would go out of their way to seek me out just to say "hi."
  3. Educating the public about conservation, history, native plants and animals, etc., and seeing the excitement of those who have learned and experienced something new.
  4. The uniform. It's easy and efficient and you're automatically trusted by (most) of the public. Whether an injured person or a lost child, people seek someone in uniform. On the other hand, when people see a ranger approaching them for an unknown reason, some naturally become nervous.
  5. Caring for the park animals who became like my step-pets. The best was always handling the animals for visitors, especially kids, so they could touch and have an up-close experience with native and exotic snakes, turtles, salamanders, etc.
  6. Meeting people from all around the world. I've had great discussions with visitors from seemingly every corner of the globe. Some of my favorites included a British couple who would bring me homemade cookies (I liked them regardless of the baked goods) and the stories a group of New Zealanders and I swapped about their home country.
  7. When children showed a real curiosity for nature and after their visit wanted to become a park ranger. ☺️
  8. Patrolling the park on bike or ATV. Completely freeing and relaxing, until you have to shoo a copperhead away from a picnicking family.
  9. Free hikes, archery lessons, private tours, kayaking/paddle boarding/boating anytime, and complimentary REI merchandise.
  10. The friends you make. The staff becomes your extended family and I've met some of my closest friends from my time at the park.
  11. If you're interested in pursuing it as a career, go for it! Everyday is different and you'll learn a lot, just don't get into it for the money.