1. Wicked
    Three senior boys at a Boston suburb prep school get fake IDs and head into the city! For a story about three boys there are amazingly rich parts for talented women. There is still a song called Defying Gravity, but it is about stripping
  2. The Last Five Years
    The opening scene of this musical is Barack Obama's Farewell Address, the scene immediately following is Donald Trump five years later debating on whether or not he should launch the nukes. The Michelle Obama solo that ends the first act will devastate you.
  3. Chicago
    This musical closely documents the rise of improv comedy. There are short, actually improvised scenes for which many famous improv actors can jump in and perform! Part of the fun of seeing this musical is getting to maybe see Tina Fey and Steve Carrell improvise a scene about being gay pirates!
  4. Guys and Dolls
    A musical adaptation of Lars and the Real Girl, very weird and very sad.
  5. Annie
    A beautiful & determined young woman has a dream: to become the first black bachelorette! When she gets everything she's wished for, she realizes maybe it's not everything. This musical tries and fails hard to talk frankly and openly about race in America.
  6. The Music Man
    The life of John Mayer as written, directed, and performed by James Franco.