I love karaoke. Anytime the chance comes around to own how much of an attention-loving fool I am, I'm in.
  1. Come to my window-Etheridge
    Perfect amount of emotion for a karaoke song and the exact right year/era for everyone to know the song but to not be tired of it
  2. Hold my hand-Hootie & The Blowfish
    Everyone can do a hootie impression and be mildly entertaining. Not a crazy difficult song. A #tbt crowd pleaser 😎
  3. F*** Her Gently-Tenacious D
    Everyone loves jack Black; this song is short; doesn't even need to be sung well, just with feeling! 💯
  4. Sweet Caroline - Neil Fucking Diamond
    DA DA DAHHHHH. Also: Warm touching warm us graphic.
    Suggested by @donnie
  5. Patches - Clarence Carter
    Suggested by @juancarlos
  6. Stay - Lisa Loeb
    Cause I can kind of do the white girl rap part so I feel like it's an achievement. Plus everyone remembers that song but not usually until they hear it ("cause I missed you" part) so usually doesn't get picked by others and gets a decent reaction. Plus it's in my key I guess. I like this part: "I'm only hearing negatives no no no no."
    Suggested by @cordeliane