Well probably not exactly me
  1. Sara Smile by Hall & Oates
    NOT how you spell my name, but hoo boy do I love smilin'
  2. What Sarah Said by Death Cab for Cutie
    Love talking, love when people remember what I said
  3. Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold by The Lone Bellow
    This phrase is constantly used to describe me, I'm probably saved in a few phones this exact way
  4. Sarah by Tyler Kyte
    Tyler Kyte, as everyone knows, played a drummer or something on the Canadian show Instant Star. Some of the the lyrics, if I remember correctly are, "oh Sarah, don't you know that I'm nothing, I'm nothing on my own." Big fan of people knowing they're nothing without me
  5. Sarah by Ray Lamontagne
    This is not my favorite Ray Lamontagne song, but that is only because he has so many other great songs. "Sarah, is it ever gonna be the same?" Not without me, bud.
  6. Sara by Fleetwood Mac
    I didn't even know about this song, but the lyrics look TIGHT "Said, Sarah/you're the poet in my heart/never change/never stop" so count me in Stevie.