One my colleagues organized a trip for students and faculty to see Hamilton together after he saw it when it was Off-Broadway.
  1. The middle school teacher who organized the trip emailed about a month ago
    To say that there was a student who hadn't signed up for the trip but had just started listening obsessively to the recently released soundtrack
  2. And mentioned he was trying to find an extra ticket
    Because they had just won the Tony, I think, but they hadn't yet won the Grammy
  3. And I thought
  4. If this 7th grader doesn't get to go, it could be traumatically defining in a very particular way
  5. Imagine she's a sophomore in college
    And is now a full-blown THEATRE person (I hope this for her)
  6. And she's starring in some intense, intimate play
    Like Paula Vogel's "How I Learned to Drive"
  7. And she's in love with someone in the cast
    This is why theater exists: to put lovely, strange people in very close contact with each other
  8. And this person she's in love with says something like: "Let's get Chinese together after rehearsal"
    So she thinks on a loop the whole rehearsal "A date? Not a date? A date?"
  9. They go back to this persons crappy apartment after getting Chinese.
    A DATE!
  10. This person is going through their extensive music collection
    Theater people have extensive music collections
  11. And they put on the Hamilton original cast soundtrack
    Which is probably going to get an EGOT somehow?
  12. "Wouldn't it have been SO amazing to have seen Lin-Manuel motherfucking Miranda as Hamilton on the original Broadway run?"-the love interest
    Uh oh
  13. "I actually did get to do that"
    Rather than "My middle school went to see it and I missed it!"