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I drove from Austin to Santa Fe for my GFs birthday
  1. Danny. He was our shuttle driver from our hotel. He's about 70 and has more stories that most. He was a musician, ski instructor, studied ballet and knew tons about the area.
  2. The view from the hotel. The Lodge.
  3. Seeing the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. I didn't know about how diverse her paintings were. For instance, this painting really wowed me.
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  1. I have thick luxurious hair.
  2. I love my high paying job in Hollywood.
  3. My wife, Beyoncé, treats me amazingly. It's true love.
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I love Gene Wilder. Here's some things I remember.
  1. The Producers (1967). As Leo Bloom, he was just perfect. The reactions to Zero Mostel are so perfectly timed. The blanket scene is just hilarious. "It's a minor compulsion."
  2. Blazing Saddles (1974). He did a great job as the drunk, down on his luck fastest man in the west. The scene where he explains getting shot in the ass by a kid cracks me up. Also "I like to screw, play chess, .... Screw." .... "We'll play chess."
  3. Young Frankenstein (1974). One of the strengths of Wilder was being able to be off the chain crazy. Scary. Ominous. This movie scared me as a kid. I didn't get what was happening. :)
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Screw juicing. This is Beetle Juicing. Mind. Powers. Activated.
  1. Breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos.
  2. 100% raise. 100% raise. 100% raise.
  3. Sex. Sex. Sex.
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  1. I have a random bruise on my arm. A bad one. No idea what happened. Maybe alien abduction in the night?
  2. It's really. Really. Too damn hot. I've reached the point where I'm just done. It was 107 when I got in my car. Funk that!
  3. When I get a bit cranky or sad I play a lot of blues guitar. That often leads to sore hands and forearms. Also my finger tips are all tore up. I truly suffer for my art. 😜
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We decided to drive to some beat up old towns nearby. Fun times. 🤓
I've not posted anything in a while
  1. Working.
  2. Sleeping.
  3. Guitaring.
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