Best Parts of My Trip to Arcata, CA

  1. Seeing my friend @anwa for the first time in a shmillion years. 🤓
  2. Watching the Humboldt Crabs play baseball.
    The crowd was amazing with their crazy insults to the visiting team.
  3. Visiting the insane Bigfoot Museum.
  4. The chili cookoff and hamburgers outback behind the museum.
    I am pretty sure my idea of good chili is wrong. I like sweeter, less spicy.
  5. Windy, cool beach air.
    When I got back home, it was 90 at 10 pm.
  6. Watching Harry and the Hendersons.
    It seemed to fit after being in Bigfoot country. ;)
  7. The amazing, beautiful redwoods at the avenue of the giants.
  8. Ferndale.
    I really liked the vibe of that little town. Feels like something out of time, misplaced in a modern world.
  9. This salad at lost coast cafe.
  10. The beautiful cemetery in Ferndale.
  11. The bizarre oyster festival.
    I hate oysters. But I enjoyed seeing all the crazy people and events.
  12. Dancing yogurt. 😃
  13. Random fireworks at 2 AM.
  14. A really drunk guy trying to find his way home yelling a guttural scream of confusion as he stumbled around the streets.
  15. Crazy scared cats flying down stairs.
  16. Weird flowers. 👍🏽
  17. Lovely scenic vista points.
    We don't have much of that sort of thing in Austin.
  18. Mexican Bagels.
  19. Finding Dory. :)